Bambi Cantrell 2 Days Workshop : My experience

When I got to know that Bambi Cantrell will be having a 2 days workshop in Malaysia, I was literally jumping like a little boy meeting his favourite super hero. I mean come on, can you imagine meeting the best in your industry and learning from them? It was truly a dream …

Of course all this excitement got watered down when I saw the price that I had to pay for the workshop. The logical side of me started rationalizing the cost vs the return of investment and whether the returns are worth it or not.

I remembered someone mentioning that success leaves clues. This simply means that if you want to be successful follow those that are successful.

Logically, is it worth paying so much for a 2 day workshop ? I don’t know! But what I know is that I’ve made really illogical decisions in my life that seemed crazy during that time but paid off in the end.

You cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only do that looking back.(Do I sound like Steve Jobs? hahah)

So the only tip that I can give if you ever had to decide whether or not to do something… is to follow your heart!

I took the plunged, and there I was sitting in a workshop with Bambi Cantrell, one of the world’s top wedding photographers!

Photo credit to event organizers Epic Voyage. Used with permission of course =)

During the course I learned so much, not from the notes that she gave. But by her experience and knowledge that she shared.

We can learn through our own mistakes and experiences. But we can also learn from others… from their mistakes and from their experiences.

I get to witness Bambi live in action! I always believe that knowledge is caught rather then taught!

One of the highlights of this workshop was that we get to work with with the models individually and apply what we have learned from Bambi. The top 3 images taken during the workshop will be awarded and judged by none other than Bambi Cantrell herself.

This was my entry for the competition…

I know you must be thinking why all the photos posted here are in sepia toned. It was all coincidence! I promise you colored pictures after this! =)

Anyway during the awards ceremony on the 2nd day, I was suprised to receive 2nd place for the best photo.

Yup! you can tell how happy I was feeling. I was literally smiling cheek to cheek! =)

Anyway, I would like to thank Bambi Cantrell for your generosity in being so open in sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. The event organizers Lee Adelaine from Epic Voyage and all the sponsors for making this event a reality. I must say that we were all well taken care of as participants! I must have gained some weight with all that food ! Of course the sponsors as you can see listed in above photo, the models and everyone else who has been involved!


Stay tune next for some of the photos that I took during the workshop !

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